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MojoCreations Floating Gallery is now in New Caledonia. A selection of Jo’s work is also at the beautiful Andemic Art Gallery at the Le Meridien, Noumea. Stay tuned for news of an exhibition coming soon…


10 Responses to latest news

  1. Jean and Bill says:

    Hello Jo and Drew

    Got really excited for a moment as we are home and thought we might be able to catch up but alas you are a bit out of reach. Nice part of the world though.
    I;m sure it will all go very well and have a lovely lovely time.
    Keep telling us of your exhibitions as we have to be lucky one of these times.
    All the best always
    Jean/Bill and a very big thank you for giving Ruth and Rick a link on your page.

  2. Sheila & Charlie says:

    Like, Jean & Bill, we too were excited to read that you were inviting us along to your latest viewings this Sunday, but alas not at Redcliffe!!
    Only a couple of days ago we spoke of you both and wondered where and what you were doing these days so were delighted to get your latest update.

    Also delighted to hear that “all is going extremely well” for you and your artistry … as we think of you regularly as we enjoy our wonderful MOJO creation that delights our days.

    Take care and hopefully we’ll catch up one day.

    Sheila & Charlie.

    • Jo Wooler says:

      Hi Sheila and Charlie

      Wonderful to hear from you 🙂 One of these days we shall catch up again, I am in Redcliffe this week, are you around?

      Until we meet again, much love laughter and happiness to you both xxx

  3. Doug and Sue Memmott says:

    We are staggered, proud and pleased as ever at your ongoing achievments Jo! We would love to come down and see your new work too this weekend, yours truely Memmott family

  4. Hello Jo & Drew,
    Thank you for the invitation, but likewise,unable to get up there at this time.

    Hope it all goes well as I’m sure it will and look forward to the day we can again join you on board.

    Bev & Alan

    • Jo Wooler says:

      Hi Bev and Alan

      Thanks for the thoughts, it was awesome! WIN News also came and covered the showing which was exciting 🙂 Sold some work, met some great people, everyone had a memorable evening.

      Look forward to having you on board again one of these days x

  5. Hi Jo,

    Love the video of the 2 x Mantarays – great to see you doing well – (love your work) – can’t make Sunday 8th – (rain check)

    Hope you are well – Peter & I are working hard – new machinery, and refurbished the toughening plant at our Northgate factory recently.

    Every happiness to you are yours – Lorraine & Peter

    • Jo Wooler says:

      Hi Lorraine and Peter

      Thanks for your kind words, one day we’ll catch up on board. In the meantime I am in Redcliffe this week and would love to catch up if it works. I have some interesting commissions coming up and am wondering how we may work together with them.

      Good to hear your Northgate factory is coming along, look forward to checking it out.

      Talk soon x

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